Get Inspired

Students of University College (UC) in New Brunswick are undergraduates that represent all schools based on the New Brunswick campus excluding RBHS.  UC is not a degree granting school, but a department of Undergraduate Academic Affairs that supports students by providing services such as academic advising, navigating the various services and balancing the demands of non-academic responsibilities through university-wide collaboration and advocacy.

UC is a staunch advocate for life-long learning. We provide you with inspirational accounts of our students to show you are not alone; help you focus on your skills and interest, which will lead you to a fulfilling life and promising career; encourage you to return to academics when the time is right; make you aware of the advocacy and activism Rutgers is passionate about and inform you about policies on the state and federal level that impact adult, nontraditional students. Join us in reinforcing the value of adult learners on campus now and in the future. 

Inspirational Student Stories

Who are our nontraditional students? They are a diverse group of individuals, of all ages and responsibilities, willing to share their stories to inspire you to degree completion. Read more.

Assess Your Skills and Interests

Self-assessment is the process of gathering information about you in order to make an informed career decision and ultimately establish a successful career identity. It involves examining your interests, values, personality, and skills. When your career choices are aligned with your interests, values, personality, and skills, you may be happier and more productive at work!

Return to Learn

A Rutgers diploma is a valuable and internationally recognized credential. We are extremely proud of the many alumni who are leaders in the arts, sciences, engineering, and humanities. You can be one of them!  Let's get you started to return to learn and map a pathway to Rutgers. 

Advocacy and Activism

The degree to which nontraditional students succeed in their undergraduate studies is directly impacted by the policies of their institution. ​​In order to best empower students to advocate for their own educational and developmental needs, enlighten yourself and join us in advocacy.

Policies Impacting Nontraditional Students

Policies are created to communicate the "what and how" for "action and procedures" within the constraints of University Policy, Federal and State laws. Realistic and clearly written policy establishes responsibilities, accountability and guides the campus community. Review the policies impacting nontraditional students.